Be honest. You’re no writer.
And I mean that in the nicest way.

It’s just that you’ve got bigger bites to chew than coming up with smart headlines and killer content. Let me wrangle the words and dial in the message so you can attack your ever-growing “Must Do” list and make the world a better place (no pressure).

What I do

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Website Content

There’s more to effective web content than just SEO smarts. There are real, live humans who visit your website. Let’s keep them coming back with an engaging message.

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Is writing your blog a slog? Hand it over and stay credible with fresh content. Bonus: with a devoted writer, that monthly blog could actually be a monthly blog.

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Video Scripts

Training, instructional, or promotional…don’t let your video flop. Tight scripts inform and motivate but still flow from storytelling basics that help convert viewers to subscribers to devoted tribe members.

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Advertising & Collateral Copy

Print has its rightful place in the mix. Ads, brochures, catalogs, direct mail…let’s get your brand and message in human hands—the same hands that reach for devices to search for you.

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Product copy & Naming

Got a gizmo or a whatsit that needs a handle? Done! All with inspiring click-and-convert product descriptions that transform browsers into buyers.

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AUDITS & Edits

I can work with what you’ve got. Don’t toss all your work when fresh headlines, tweaked SEO, updated copy, and improved navigation can infuse your website, digital, or print materials with more relevancy and authority.

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Typpos are teh worst. I scour for mistakes, sloppy grammar, and spelling errors. Because mistakes are costly and embarrassing and pretty much tell your audience that when it comes to details, you’re kinda meh.

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Copy Style Guides

“The COMPANY” or “The Company”…™ or ®…Active or passive (active, almost always). What a pity to cultivate a winning brand but lose the unique voice. I establish guidelines to maintain consistent style, tone, and messaging while upholding copyrights/trademarks in print and electronic media. Your legal department will love me.


Concept Development & Ideation

When you need to blow it all up and face the blank page. I bring my best ideas and light whatever stick of dynamite you want to toss. From new biz pitches to campaign ideas to brainstorming product innovations—I even designed a client’s wedding.

Sarah Evans is at the top of my list of favorite copy and content writers. Great headlines, clever concepts, writing that's crisp and concise—she's the real deal. She's also an excellent collaborator and working with her is a complete joy.

Linsey Sieger, Principal & Creative Director at Third Sector Creative

The thing that's great about Sarah is that, as a writer, she thinks 'visually.' She's quick to offer visual concepts that can make any art director or designer jealous – fake-smile, near-hissy-fit jealousy. But seriously, she's a great talent and fun to work with.

Jason Chase-Dobiash, Design Lead at Jeppesen, a Boeing Company

A great content writer! Sarah's copy is the voice behind hundreds of MotorClothes products for website, e-Comm, and catalog. Her content doesn't "sell" products to dealers and riders. It builds our iconic brand and honors the bold lifestyle of our riders.

Jennifer Turner, GM Marketing Lead in Global Marketing & Brand at Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Dull Content? I’ll get right to the point…you need A Sharp Writer.